Usui Reiki


Reiki is an energy balancing system developed in Japan by Dr Mikao Usui during the early part of the 20th Century. Reiki works by balancing the body’s energy field and energy centres (chakras). Reiki also works to relieve stress and promote deep states of relaxation that can aid the body’s natural healing process. See more here. This healing energy treatment is excellent for overall wellbeing.

Rahanni Celestial Healing


Rahanni means 'of one heart'. Meaning there is no separation, we are from one divine energy source. An intense energy ,Rahanni helps balance the masculine and feminine aspects of every man, woman and child. It is possible to release our fears and any negative energy that we accumulate from our experiences on this earth. It is based on the principles of truth, love and compassion. For ourselves and for others. Edwina recommends this modality for emotional and mental healing although its not exclusive to these issues.


Meditation One to One
Edwina offers one to one meditation for those who would benefit from the flexibility of date and time to suit the client. It is a guided meditation incorporating all the chakras and bringing them into alignment.

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